A Forced Perspective Compilation

Great example of a student-generated collaborative project for #MoCo360 : “The Forced Perspective Project” from @TheFPProject

The Forced Perspective Project

The team recently went out filmed some more forced perspective. We have then edited it together to give an idea of what the finished project will look like, however we still need your help! We need your forced perspective films by this coming Friday so you better get moving. Message us if you have any questions.

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Forced Perspective Project

A student-initiated collaboration for MoCo360 – Great stuff from @JenMacleod301

Jen MacLeod Media

I have an idea!

The idea is to collaborate…..

#MoCo360 will take part in in a video sequence of students (and lectures!) filming reveals of forced perspective shots.


These shots have been used creatively for years but the idea of people around the world exposing the shots in a collective video has never been done.

We need you to start your film at the initial perspective point and then either move the camera, people or objects in your shot to uncover the trick of you have filmed.

If you can fit it into a Vine or Instagram video that would be perfect but using any app will give a different effect to each video.

The crazier the better but it must be filmed on a mobile and be submitted portrait instead of landscape.

Anyone who submits and is put in the film will be notified and credited either during the…

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